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Laboratorio di locomozione in eterogravità

Locomotion on other planets (L.O.O.P. - E.S.A.)

Componenti: A.E. Minetti, G. Pavei

The cavaedium (vent shaft) is a narrow (3x3 m) and tall (17 m) space inside the Human Physiology building (Figure) where a motorized treadmill has been installed on the floor and a body suspension device hung up to a mobile pulley on the top of the cavity. The suspension device is formed by two bungee jumping rubber bands (Exploring Outdoor srl, Italy), with rest length 4 m and stiffness 92.7 N/m, linked in-series by an inextensible short cable (Gottifredi & Maffioli, Italy, Dyneema SK78, ø 4 mm, l 1.2 m) working on the top pulley. One end of the rubber band is fixed to the wall, whereas the other end is connected to a harness, where the subject is attached. The mobile pulley could be lifted or lowered by means of a suspension cable connected to a motorized winch (E.C.E., Italy, 750 W) to unload the body by the desired vertical force checked by means of a balance and a force transducer (REP Transducers, TS 300 kg, Italy) positioned in-series with the suspension cable.

The equipment provided in the LOOP:

-    Treadmill: mod. PPS 55 Ortho, Woodway

-    Motion capture system: 8 Vicon Cameras

-    Metabograph: K5 Cosmed

-    EMG: Trigno System (Delsys) with 12 sensors + 2 electrogoniometers (Biometrics) 

-    Force plate: Kistler 9423

The human physiology department has a long tradition in biomechanics of human locomotion in low-gravity. Here you can find the sixty-years scientific journey:

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