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Componenti: prof. M. Pecchiari, prof. E. D'Angelo, R. Galli

Pubblicazioni dal 2010


Heliox administration in anesthetized rabbits with spontaneous inspiratory flow limitation.

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Tidal expiratory flow limitation induces expiratory looping of the alveolar pressure-flow relation in COPD patients.

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Lung Microbiome in Asthma: Current Perspectives.

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Expiratory flow-limitation in mechanically ventilated patients: A risk for ventilator-induced lung injury?

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Standard and viscoelastic mechanical properties of respiratory system compartments in dogs: Effect of volume, posture, and shape.

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Limiting Factors in Walking Performance of Subjects With COPD.

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Acute effects of long-acting bronchodilators on small airways detected in COPD patients by single-breath N2 test and lung P-V curve.

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Understanding at-risk subgroups for lungfunction impairment in life-long nonsmokers with α1-antitrypsin deficiency.

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Airway occlusion assessed by single breath N2 test and lung P-V curve in healthy subjects and COPD patients.

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Improvements in Lung Diffusion Capacity following Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPD with and without Ventilation Inhomogeneity.

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